Friday, August 5, 2011

The Climb

It’s been a year ago when I first got into hiking. I joined the group known as “The Finisher”. Our team loves to hike, run and to have fun in many different ways. My first climb was in Mt. Natib, Orani, Bataan. Mt. Natib is one of three major mountains in Bataan (the other two are Mt. Mariveles and Mt. Samat). Natib is classified as a major climb and 5/9 in difficulty rate. As a newbie in hiking, I expected that it will be not easy for me to climb a mountain as difficult as Mt. Natib. I also heard that that place are full of Limatiks (Blood Suckers/Leeches) so I am having second thought before the climb. But the eagerness to climb a mountain and to join the team pushed me on my limit.

On the day of our hike, it is like that I’m in a middle of a horror/suspense/gruesome movie. Our hike went not that well due to bad weather condition. I wish we could find a lodge to stay until the weather become much better. And because it is raining hard, billions (I’m 99% sure of that estimation) of Limatiks are all over the trail from foot to summit of Mt. Natib making a grin to us and ready to attack. If I where in a movie I would be saying this line, “We can’t escape this. Somebody had to die. Somebody must sacrifice. Let it be me. Let it be me.”  But wait… I don’t want to die. Not just like that. Not without a fight. I want my movie to be happy ending. LOL… :D

To end up my story it is a relief that we did survive beyond all the challenge and difficulties we encountered on that hike. I can’t imagine myself hiking again on Mt. Natib. But I am happy that I experience all of that. (Luckily I can say that because I’m still alive.

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