Monday, August 22, 2011

Data Recovery

Worried about accidentally deleted you important files? You should know this.

Data recovery from the hard disk is the process of restoring the files from the hard disk such as pen drive, flash drives or the USB Drives. There are common cases of the data loss, such as human error, technical failure or failure of a hard disk itself. You, as a computer user must be aware of the fact that the data do not get lost completely immediately after you click the deletion option. It either goes to the recycle bin in Windows, in Trash if you have installed the MAC operating system in your PC or it remain in the hard disk. The necessary condition for the successful accomplishment of the lost or deleted files is that the deleted files must not be overwritten. If the file gets overwritten, then there is no software which can assist you to restore the lost files.

The accomplishment of the data recovery is very much possible even if you have formatted the hard disk, re partitioned it or even re formatted it. When you format the hard disk all the data gets lost but it still remains in the hard disk. The data recovery software will offer you the necessary steps to get that data back to the system. When you press the keys Shift + Delete for the purpose of deletion, then the data do not go to the recycle bin, in fact it goes to the hard disk and stores there. In this condition it is not possible for you to restore the files from the hard drive, if you do not have the data recovery software installed in the system. So, install the data recovery software in the OC now only and avoid the possibility of the files being overwritten. In case of the logical failure, the user gets the interface by the recovery software which can guide him/ her to the location where the data were stored.

Many software or applications that is available for you to retrieve your lost data even though you deleted using Shift + Delete. You can search it on the net. I personally used one when I accidentally permanently delete my important files. I even got worried not to retrieve it but as I search on the net, it is possible to retrieve it.


  1. sir can you assist me regarding my external drive? it is now broken and i dont know how to recover my files.
    your comment is much appreciated.

  2. i have experienced HD failure 2x or 3x before. Here, In Dubai I always run to a company which specializes in data recovery.

    first they will run a test the HD if there are still recoverable data. Then they will process the HD and save the recovered data in DVD.

    Charges will depend on how much data is recovered. other wise the test is free.

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  4. Data recovery is difficult task so select reliable recovery software which have record regarding recovery of data in the market.
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